14 days to release & Who is Jonas Kjellberg?

Kind reader, my name is Jonas Kjellberg. Being often referred to as the bastard child of the bunch, I am not a part of the company per se. Even though the Talawa family may have grown accustomed to my ways and somewhat even enjoy my presence, much like in real life I will always be seen as the outsider. But do not pity me. For I am the composer Talawa deserves. But not the one they need right now. I mean, the game is finished after all.
I am a composer and sound artist by trade, you see. Currently studying Electroacoustic composition at the Royal College of Music. One could say that I sort of squeezed myself into this project halfway in. I came across a video from an early build and said to myself: ”I’mma work on this here game”. I mean, look at it. It looks awesome. The setting and environments are perfect for electronic music. I tried my best to create a sound world that felt fresh and original, staying far away from the hashed out blipblop stereotypes that are usually associated with games (especially those involving robots). This resulted in about  50 minutes of new music, with a lot of focus on ambient textures combining the mechanical and organic elements found throughout the game. Aside from music I also assisted in designing some sound effects.
To me Unmechanical is like the neighbors puppy that you get to take care of every once in a while. You see it grow and get more attached to it every day. Being my first commercial game, Unmechanical was a great learning opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the others and am very proud of what we together have created. We love our puppy. So will you.

[ Soundtrack to be released on August 15th on Spotify, Bandcamp and all major digital retailers ]


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