22 days to release & Who is Erik Wonnevi?


I’m Erik Wonnevi and I’m a game designer who joined the team around the time we began planning for making Unmechanical into a full game. I nagged until I got the chance to force my way into a design meeting where I was loud enough to join for real. As designers we learned a lot by being able to work on puzzles and areas at different ”levels” – concepting, prototyping, building, decorating, and so on. When most of the game was built, I moved on to focusing on sound, optimization, environmental art, and managing QA, among other things.

Unmechanical is my first commercial game and has a very special place in my heart. Reaching a final release despite full-time commitments and locational separations is very rewarding and validates the hard work our team has put in. I hope you’ll enjoy Unmechanical and that some of our love will shine through with the experience. 🙂

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