24 days to release & Who is Marko Permanto?


My name is Marko Permanto. I see myself as a post-passionate, cynical game developer who doesn’t know how to do anything else. I used to skip school to have more time coding Quake mods. Nowadays I mostly gripe about all games being the same as previously released games.

For Unmechanical I designed puzzles, implemented even more of them and did some level art and effects. I also created a deal of sounds and acted as the sole programmer for the majority of the project, with Markus A stepping in and cleaning up my filthy hacks nearing release. I became responsible for holding the big picture together, in what seems to me an organic manner, perhaps because I obsess about things. Early on in the project we took pride in having no one responsible for direction. Later on there was a larger need for this as the team grew in size and the project became bigger, so I also managed the team for a large amount of the development time. In the finishing stages I got help with that by Sjoerd and Jesper E.

Unmechanical to me is, from a developer standpoint, about taking things seriously. It’s about clawing your way to the finish line, fighting with and against others, to release a game I’m still in love with even after all these sleepless nights. This will be my first commercial game. I hope you like it!

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