26 days to release & Who is Jesper Jäder?


My name is Jesper Jäder, a 3D / 2D artist who also made the website! Along with this i did rigging and animation of items and characters in the game.

This is a lot of things to do, but in a tight team I had to lend my expertise to where it was needed.

Mainly, in my other life, when I’m not this indie-game-making-hero I’d like to imagine my self being, I do art. 3D, 2D, sculpture and whatnot, and this is where I’ve put most of my talent points, but when working in a small team everyone has to cooperate, and bring what ever they can to the table. It’s hectic, it’s not ideal, but it’s oh so fun!

Unmechanical to me is, well, it’s a ton of hard work put into a swirling vortex of time, gone through mind bending transformations, and erupted on the other side as this amazing looking game! It’s really fun, very cute yet gloomy, and it’s really really hard. (That is if you are a tad on the slow side, like me.)

I’m feeling very proud of the game, and really fortunate that I got the chance to do it! I want to leave you with a wishing of good luck and happy thoughts. If you would wan’t to know more about me, or check my art or CV/Resumee feel free to do so at: www.jesperjader.com or send me a mail at jesper@jesperjader.com

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