18 days to release & Who is Joachim Holmér?

Jul 21, 2012


My name is Joachim ”Acegikmo” Holmér. I’m a game developer who constantly strive to improve my ways of doing art, tech and design for game development. Ever since I touched the first level editor, I’ve been developing games and levels in my spare time, which I still do to today!

When working with the wonderful Unmechanical team, I probably spent most time preaching the geometrical beauty of cubes, dodecahedrons and hexagonal tiling, but other than that my primary work was to create pretty environments and model props. I also worked a lot with shaders/materials for most props and effects, and did some texture work.

To me, is all about the atmosphere and its subtleties, and of course the little helicopter curiously finding things out and solving conveniently placed puzzles in the world of Unmechanical.

(Also, I designed the color disc puzzle, so you can blame me for it if you like at webmaster@acegikmo.com)

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20 days to release & Who is Björn Eriksson?

Jul 19, 2012

Hi, Im Björn, im a game developing 3d artist.

My role in Unmechanical was pretty varied ranging from experimental UI tests, 2d work and exporting bad behavioured skinned meshes, but my main role in the project was creating environmental props and rig/animate them.

I know how much work and effort my friends/class mates/co-workers put in completing Unmechanical, working late nights and weekends to see it trough so it holds great emotional value to me.
Also Unmechanical is a huge milestone for me on a personal level since it is the first commercial game I have been a part of making.

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