Nice review for kids 10+

maj 27, 2013

Take a look att this review, its always nice to see a good review going out to kids šŸ™‚

and to our german readers

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UNMECHANICAL BEGINS! We celebrate 100 000 sold copies with free versions of the game on PC, iOS and more!!!

maj 21, 2013

We are very proud to announce that Unmechanical has sold over 100 000 copies!!

To celebrate this we, today, releasedĀ Unmechanical BeginsĀ on iOS! This is a version of the gameĀ dividedĀ into 4 chapters. The first chapter is free and then you can unlock the rest for 0.99 dollars each!



We also released the game onĀ indiegamestand! During 2 days you can pay what you want, donate money to charity and if you pay above average we give you some very unique bonus material. This includes OST and 2 playable prototypes showing the game just a couple of weeks into production,

Unmechanical Begins!














All the best from The Unmechanical Team!

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Unmechanical & 7 other Unreal games bundled together

apr 30, 2013

Unmechanical & 7 other Unreal games bundled together over at Steam, its Epic, check it! šŸ˜‰







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Unmechanical 75% off on Steam!

mar 24, 2013

Steam has an indie spring sale going on. Obviously your favorite adventure-puzzle game starring a spherical robot equipped with the power of flight is featured there as well! In case you’ve put off buying it, or know someone who needs some sweet tractorbeam action, head on over to the Steam store and grab a few copies.

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