I’m on Saaaleeee! :)

Nov 22, 2012

Hi Guys!

I’m on sale over at STEAM and in a cool bundle over at GOG.

Why don’t you check it out, help me climb the sales ladder at Steam or get a cool bundle with me and 4 friends over at GOG!

Only 5$ at STEAM and 5 games for 10$ at GOG, its a steal, what are you waiting for, go steal me! :))


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Proud to present that Unmechanical is nominated for Best Game, Best Art, Best Sound!

Nov 14, 2012
Wow, we are 1 of 5 games that are nominated for Best Game in South Americas first Games Festival, BIGfestival, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil!
Like that was not enough we are also nominated for Best Art & Sound making us, together with one more, the only 2 games nominated in 3 categories! =D
Then we have hóPLAY, in Spain, were Unmechanical also is nominated for Best Art and Best Sound.
Both of these festivals are held around the 27th to the 29th of Nov 2012.
What an honour this is, thank you so much for your support and making this possible!


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Unmechanical @ GameX 1-4 Nov 2012!

okt 27, 2012





Hello fellow, SöderRåttor, Sweeds and other GameX enthusiasts!
We are proud to present Unmechanical together with Futuregames at this years GameX event the 1st-4th of November 2012!
Have a chat with us, try our game…
Come fly with us! =)
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Early concept wallpaper

sep 18, 2012

Have this beautiful wallpaper of an early concept! Oldschool <3

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