6 days to release & Who is Sjoerd De Jong?

Aug 02, 2012

My name is Sjoerd De Jong, also known as Hourences, and I have been responsible for optimizing all the art and levels, as well visually polishing up all the areas and ensuring the looks and style are consistent throughout the entire game. I also took care of the large majority of the PC to iOS conversion work. Tech/Level artist would sum up my work quite well.

I really like the atmosphere and feeling of the world. I have a weak spot for underground worlds and I have since long put a lot of emphasis on atmosphere in all my work. Unmechanical fits those interests perfectly.


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8 days to release & Who is Sandra Scholtz?

Jul 31, 2012


My name is Sandra Scholz and my role in Unmechanical is 3d artist and animator.

This game is a part of a small school project that caught our hearts.
We all fell in love with the blue little hero and just had to make the game bigger and even more beautiful.
I hope everyone else who play the game, will see our love put in to this game.
The team has grown from a small group of dreaming students. To a larger group of game developers and artist who is all so proud to present the finished game, Unmecanical!
I hope that we never let him go…


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