10 days to release & Who is Markus Andersson?

Jul 29, 2012


I’m Markus Andersson and I’m a Motion Graphics Designer and 3D Artist. For unmechanical I created 3D assets, particle systems and trailers/marketing.

Unmechanical has been quite a journey. From the very early days of development to finish. During this journey there were always shoes to fill and it’s been amazing to see these shoes fill up with talented induviduals.
To me, unmechanical is the first game that I’ve shipped, and to have been there throughout the process is a unique experience and something that i will treasure dearly. Unmechanical is a very different game and i hope that
everyone who plays will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. 🙂

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12 days to release & Who is Jesper Engström?

Jul 27, 2012


My name is Jesper Engström (founder of  Talawa Games), they sometimes call me Jeepstarr, a swedish boy (with a norwegian mom) who grew up in east africa. Never afraid to try new things but still missing my old Nintendo, Game Boy, Amiga 500, Playstation and Xbox.
Yes, I am a nerd, in many ways. How ever, first and far most, not just any nerd and maybe not the first thing you may refer to as a nerd, but a producing, songwriting and singing reggae nerd!

I created sound for all important encounters/scenarios in Unmechanical and some SFX and ambience here and there. In the finishing stages of the game I started helping out more on team management and getting most of the things surrounding the game done. Signing papers and getting Steam assets, box art, homepage and promotional work done in time. As well as actually collecting over 400 email addresses and bombing them with our guerrilla promotion. No money equals desperate measures. So in short, I am that annoying “did you get my message”-guy. Just ask the journalists or the Team! 😉

It is probably me who has “wasted” most time gameplay testing and bug hunting this beautiful little creation of a being. Still not tired of the game when it seems like the story around this tiny creature and world evolves in my head every time I play. I don’t play that many games any more but when I do I play games that make me feel, think or that challenge my intellect and awakens the problem solver from deep within. I love old school adventure games, Grim Fandango is one of my all time favorites but there is this one little gem of a game that totally blew me away on all aspects I described above and it’s Braid. If only Unmechanical gets one of these aspects right I am happy and none the less I have now started my quest to make games that evoke deep feeling and challenge your mind. We are the revolution and not until the day when games are looked upon with the same eyes as books, music, art and movies will I rest! 1<3

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